Renaming a .local domain created by Windows Server Essentials

Quá đầy đủ, quá chi tiết :)


It irritates me that Windows Server Essentials (formerly Small Business Server) defaults the DNS domain name for AD to mydomainname.local.  Any time I set up a new domain, I want it to use the same DNS domain name as a previously registered domain, so that users can do things like reach a mail server using the same DNS domain name, regardless of whether they are inside or outside the firewall.   I thought I’d document the process/caveats here, since Microsoft goes into excruciating detail that isn’t necessary if you’re just changing an initial setup.

This assumes you’re starting with a brand new domain with no workstations connected yet, and no other services added:

Domain Controller named SERVER, NetBIOS name MYDOMAINNAME, DNS name

1. Go into DNS, add a new DNS forward zone for the new domain.

2. Start a command prompt as administrator

3. “rendom /list” will save a…

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