Entry for my Valentine :x [24]

To my dear little Hippo :*

You asked me to explain 10 reasons why I love you. And I’m not telling you ‘till today, our sweet Valentine’s Day just to make it a little surprise to you ;)) Here is my reasons for you:

  1. I love you… just because I’m always be merry when talking with you, since we’ve first known each others :)
  2. I love you… by holding your little hands in the crowd on our first date without shame :x I think you have a strong belief on me, right? :> ;))
  3. I love you… when you hug me >:D< The way you handle me and your opinion that my belly fit your arms… that’s lovely :x
  4. I love you… when you kiss me, tenderly :* Even sometimes you bite my lips, grr… >”<
  5. I love you… for hearing my confidence when I’m down without any question and encourage me. >:D<
  6. I love you… the way we often breathing/blowing to the phone, that makes me imagine you’re such a breathing cute big nosed Hippo, just like the white Hippo you gave me =))
  7. I love you… because I believe you can control your priority for both love and study well, that not make me the love criminal ;))
  8. I love you… when you sing for me. Though there’s such few times and you always decline =.=, I love your voice :x
  9. I love you… for your gift on festive days. The way you care about gifts show me how you care about our love :x I’m too clumsy to select gift >”<
  10. I love you… the way you coddling me when I call “Honey!” ;)) It’s sweet like honey :x

and most, I love you… for no reason. No buts, no why! Just simple… I love you the way you are, honey :*

Be my Valentine today >:D< Ilusm :*

Your big Hippo :* a.c Heo :-“

P/s: Just by chance, today I’ve read a very very emotional entry about love :x Here it is :*


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