Prison Break – Season IV

Prison Break - Season IV

The major storyline for the fourth season concerns a team recruited by Homeland Security agent Don Self (Michael Rapaport) to obtain Scylla. Although the team initially believes it to be the Company’s “black book”, it is later revealed to contain information on an advanced renewable power cell. Over the course of the first half of the season, the team obtain cards to access Scylla, and break into Company headquarters to steal it. In the first half, Sara is discovered to be alive, Bellick is killed, and Self is revealed to be a double agent and is planning to sell Scylla to the highest bidder. Reluctantly, Lincoln decides to join the Company to get it back, while Michael suffers from a hypothalamic hamartoma. He is treated and operated on by the Company. He later learns that his mother, Christina is still alive and was an agent of the Company, who is revealed to acquire Scylla to sell to the highest bidder. Eventually, the series ends in Miami, where Scylla is recovered by Michael and the team, the General and the Company are taken down, and Christina is killed. In Prison Break: The Final Break, a story is told explaining what happened following the events of the last episode (before the four-year flash-forward) and the strange scar on Sara’s shoulder. This story involves the incarceration of Sara in Miami-Dade county penitentiary due to budgetary cutbacks; there are cots installed there acting as the county jail. With the General and T-Bag in the adjacent Men’s facility, the General wants Sara dead and offers a $100,000 bounty. Largely echoing season one, Sara is involved in common prison fare before Michael hears of the bounty, and plans are devised for her escape.


Episode Title Download Subtitle
1 “Scylla”
2 “Breaking & Entering”
3 “Shut Down”
4 “Eagles & Angels”
5 “Safe & Sound”
6 “Blow Out”
7 “Five the Hard Way”
8 “The Price”
9 “Greatness Achieved”
10 “The Legend”
11 “Quiet Riot”
12 “Selfless”
13 “Deal Or No Deal”
14 “Just Business”
15 “Going Under”
16 “The Sunshine State”
17 “The Mother Lode”
18 “VS”
19 “S.O.B.”
20 “Cowboys & Indians”
21 “Rate of Exchange”
22 “Killing Your Number”
23 “The Old Ball and Chain”
24 “Free”

Special – The Final Break: This direct-to-DVD episode consists of the two episodes from season four (‘The Old Ball and Chain’ and ‘Free’) that were not aired in America, in one 88-minute feature. The Final Break continues from the season four series finale and was released on Blu-ray and DVD on July 21, 2009. The episodes was be exclusively broadcast on Sky1 in the UK and yes stars Action in Israel in the week following the final episodes “Rate of Exchange” and “Killing Your Number”.

The Final Break Download (HD 720p) Subtitle

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