1408 – A movie with 2 endings


Watched this movie long ago, since it was early released, and it is one of my favorite movies. Yesterday, I downloaded it to watch again and was surprised because an absolutely different ending. I’ve tried Google with “1408 has two endings” and noted that the film has an alternate ending, is what I watched yesterday. As the information from Wikipedia:

  • The original ending

Enslin recovers in a New York hospital, Lily at his bedside. He swears that he saw Katie, but Lily refuses to believe him. After his recovery Enslin moves back in with Lily, beginning work on a new, non-horror novel. While sorting through a box of items from his night in 1408, Enslin comes across his Mini Cassette recorder. After some difficulty he manages to get the tape to play; it begins with Enslin’s dictation of 1408’s appearance, but cuts in with audio from his interaction with the apparition of his daughter. Lily freezes in shock as she hears her dead daughter’s voice coming from the hand-held tape recorder, and the film closes on Enslin meeting her shocked stare with one of grim vindication.

  • The alternate ending

Director Mikael Håfström has stated that the ending for 1408 was reshot because test audiences felt that the original ending was too much of a “downer”. So, the remade alternate ending is more scary and promises a next version (may be).

The alternate ending, available exclusively on the two-disc collector’s edition, sees the backdraft engulfing the room as Enslin hides under the bed, happy to see the room destroyed as he dies. Olin later approaches Lily and Enslin’s agent at his funeral, where he unsuccessfully attempts to give back a box of Enslin’s possessions and his tape recorder. Olin listens to the recording in his car, hearing Katie’s voice on the tape and catches a quick glimpse of a horribly burnt Enslin in his rear view mirror. The film ends at the gutted room, with an apparition of Enslin disappearing after being called away by the voice of his daughter and the sound of a closing door.


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